For Companies

The simple way to demonstrate your full credentials.

For contracting companies, the services offered by Reset enable you to provide all the assurances your clients need that your staff are appropriately skilled and qualified, and that your company meets all necessary pre-qualification criteria.

Complete proof of competence with a single card

As a contracting company, with employees working on clients' sites, you have a duty in law under HSE and CDM legislation to ensure that they are competent to carry out their roles safely.

Reset Individual provides an information platform where details of each employee’s qualifications, experience and training are stored, and can be accessed by your clients. Your employees will only need to carry a single Reset card to provide proof of their identity, skills, qualifications and training.

That means they will be able to access client sites more quickly, improving the efficiency of your operations. And they won’t have to carry around valuable documentation to prove their competence.

Reset also issues notifications when any of your employees’ qualifications are due to expire, allowing you to manage training provision so that all qualifications are kept up to date.

£26.9 million Fines resulting from prosecutions by the HSE in 2020/21 (Source: HSE National Statistics 2021)

Benefits in Brief

  • Eliminate the need for staff to carry extensive documentation
  • Full compliance with HSE legislation
  • Speed up entry process onto site for improved efficiency
  • Monitor and manage staff training requirements
  • Enhance the credibility of your company

Simplify pre-qualification procedures

Every contractor knows how laborious and time-consuming it can be to complete pre-qualification questionnaires. Most questionnaires ask similar questions and require you to repeat the same lengthy process for every potential client.

With Reset Company you can register your company's credentials, policies and accreditations on our central database, so you’ll never have to complete another pre-qualification questionnaire. Potential clients will be able to check all of your details online by entering your Reset Company card details.

A Reset Company account also helps you to manage all of your Reset Individual accounts, keep track of employee competences and qualification expirations, and manage training requirements.

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