Reset Individual

Reset Individual for Verifiers

Faster, simpler health and safety administration – without compromise

For companies that need to verify the competence of contractors working on their site, Reset Individual enables you to complete all the necessary checks quickly, thoroughly and in full compliance with HSE legislation.

How does it work?

Simply scan the contractor’s Reset card or enter the unique card number into any internet-enabled computer, laptop or smartphone. You can then instantly view the all the qualifications held by that individual. A simple traffic-light system shows you at a glance whether qualifications are up to date, due for renewal or out of date.

Creating a safer workplace

By carrying out these simple competence checks you will be helping to create a safer workplace for all your employees, visitors and anyone else using your site. That’s because you can be sure that the third-party contractors working on site are fully qualified to complete their tasks professionally, competently and, above all, safely.

Complete traceability for HSE compliance

Every time you carry out a check on our system, it is logged and stored as proof that the correct verifications were carried out. That not only helps to improve safety on site, it also means that if an incident ever occurs, you have the evidence to prove that you took reasonable steps to verify the competence of the contractor concerned.

What does it cost?

Reset Individual is FREE for verifying companies to use. Just contact us to arrange a free presentation so we can explain the benefits of making Reset competence checks mandatory on your site. Then all you have to do is register your company on the Reset website, and you can begin checking Reset cards immediately.

Products for Verifiers

Reset Company

Reset Company

The fast, simple way to conduct pre-qualification checks and post-qualification monitoring, as well as manage all Reset Individual accounts.

Tools for Verifiers

Reset Access

Reset Access

Touchscreen self-service check-in system for Reset Individual cardholders attending your site, accelerating induction and competence-checking procedures.
Reset App

Reset App

Free downloadable app enabling you to use your smartphone to carry out fully traceable competence checks on individual workers, in any location.