Transform the way you conduct site inductions

Manage, track, and deliver site inductions with Reset SI

Reset SI is an innovative site induction management solution that can track and deliver site inductions and automatically record them on the individual cardholder’s profile, and where necessary, using Reset Access implement a ‘stop at the gate’.

Developed to work on any site, Reset SI ensures that contractors are kept up to date and compliant with the site induction requirements.

Site induction content can be uploaded directly to the Reset SI portal. Site Inductions can be carried out remotely via a link sent either directly to the cardholder, or their company, for the individual to complete in advance of arriving on site. 

Once the induction has been completed, the individual’s profile is automatically updated, allowing safe access to site without being stopped, and when logging in using Reset Access or Reset’s Virtual Card App.


When a cardholder arrives on site without a valid induction or requiring a refresher, the Reset Access terminal will perform a ‘stop at the gate’. The cardholder will be presented with a message to attend the estates department or premises management for either a manual induction or where content has been uploaded, undertake remotely by scanning the QR code on the terminal screen using a mobile device or smartphone.

The QR code will enable the cardholder to complete the hosted content on their own device. Once the cardholder has completed the necessary induction, their profile is immediately updated, and they can return to the terminal to log in as normal. 

Managing Refreshers

Refreshers are programmable in two ways, making it easier to manage induction updates as a project progresses or site rules and regulations change. These being:

Set Time Period

A period of time is set, let’s say 12 months and when that date is reached, the cardholder is notified that they will be required to undertake a refresher to be able to continue to log in. 

Day Count

A ‘day count’ is added and will monitor when a cardholder last logged into site. For example, if the day count is set for 90 days, approximately three months, Reset’s advanced technology will check when the cardholder last logged into site, if this is longer than the date count set, then the cardholder will be required to take a refresher. 

Where required both the refresher dates and day count can be set by the client offering greater flexibility and control on and off site. 

Reset SI can transform the way you conduct site inductions, making the whole process hassle-free. So, if you are managing site inductions or recently took on responsibility for them, then get in touch to see how Reset SI can change the way you deliver site inductions. 

For more information and pricing, contact your Account Manager, email or call the Reset team on 0845 519 5768.