For Individuals

Proof of competence in your pocket

Reset makes entering any client site simple, fast and hassle-free for you. It means no more waiting around for competence checks to be made and enables you to get straight on with your job, with no time wasted.

As a Reset Individual cardholder, you will no longer have to carry your professional qualification certificates, proof of identity and other competence-related documentation to sites where competence checks are carried out. Just hand over your Reset card when you arrive at the site, and the client can instantly verify your qualifications and competence on any internet-enabled device.

Proof of all your qualifications and competences is accessible via a single Reset card. No other card-based compliance system offers such comprehensive coverage.

Your full credentials stored safely for easy access

When you register with us, you simply send us all your original certificates, identity documents, accreditations and other relevant qualifications. We verify them, scan them into our secure database and return them to you safely. All of these details can then be accessed by any Reset-registered organisation that needs to verify your competence to work on site. Reset is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), registration no. Z2238936, under GDPR, so you can be sure your personal details are stored safely in accordance with the strictest data security standards.

0.4 millioninjuries to workers in 2020/21 (Source: HSE National Statistics 2021)

Benefits in Brief

  • Prove your competence using a single card
  • No need to carry around valuable documentation
  • Faster entry onto site for improved efficiency
  • Ensures full compliance with HSE legislation
  • Manage your training requirements to keep qualifications up to date

Keeping your qualifications up to date

As a Reset cardholder, you’ll be notified when any of your time-limited qualifications are due for renewal. This acts as a useful reminder for you to arrange refresher training to keep your qualifications up to date. Once you have gained an updated qualification, just send us the original certificate for scanning and your details will immediately be updated.

Products for Individuals

Reset Individual

Reset Individual

Enables instant online verification of the skills and qualifications of all visiting contractors, using a single Reset card – ensuring full compliance with HSE regulations.