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University of Leicester joins Reset Certification Scheme.

28 November 2017

University of Leicester becomes latest University to join Reset Certification Scheme.

The University of Leicester confirmed earlier this month that it will use Reset to manage and control its Estate contractors and suppliers.

The University joins a growing number of educational establishments, Universities, colleges and schools that use Reset to manage and monitor contractor information and competence.

The University of Leicester’s design, engineering and construction works are highly awarded and the move to use Reset demonstrates the University’s dedication to health and safety.

Barrie Ellis, Health and Safety Compliance Officer at the University of Leicester said, “This is an exciting new initiative for us, which will save the University both time and money.  Reset will make the process of checking our contractors easier and without compromise.”

The University will require that contractor companies become Reset Company Members and that their workers carry Reset Individual Cards. This allows the University to verify contractor competence quickly and easily. Reset Access self-service check in terminals will be located across the University site allowing contractors to easily and efficiently log on and off the site.

Member Companies and individuals that would like to work with the University of Leicester and other Verifiers in the Reset scheme, can log in to their Reset Dashboard and select the “Reset Mandatory Organisations” icon, where they can find the contact details of every site using Reset.

Reset is fast becoming recognised as the de facto standard for contractor, competence and site management. Universities, colleges and schools nationwide as well as over 200 NHS sites and many public and private sector businesses already use Reset to manage and monitor contractor information and competence on their premises.

For more information or help, please contact:

Reset Support at or 0845 519 5768